Sleep made sustainable and hassle-free for hotels.

We simplify your mattress management and guarantee the highest quality, all whilst making you a more sustainable hotel.

How Sleepify works

1. Pick your Mattress

We produce high quality mattresses made from 100% recycled materials. Chose your comfort and technology needs including firm, soft, allergy friendly and integrated sensor options.

2. Renting

We tailor your mattress purchasing to you. We take the high upfront costs away, enabling you to rent mattresses from us on a monthly basis.

3. Sleep Better

Your new Sleepify mattresses are delivered direct to your hotel door, with regular maintenance and cleaning services provided throughout their life. Your old mattresses are also collected and fully recycled by us.

4. Recycle & Repeat

Once your mattresses reach the end of their life cycle (usually 5 years later), we collect them, fully recycle them and deliver your new mattresses, all in under 12 hours.

Quality and Flexibility Guaranteed

Quality & Care

We care about quality and making sure your guests get the good night’s sleep they deserve. That’s why we offer a 60 day free trial of our mattresses and we provide maintenance and cleaning services for you.

Flexible Financing

Save money and time. With our flexible mattress renting options, we work around your needs and you get to choose how to pay.

Easy Disposal

As part of our service, we dispose of your old mattresses and ensure they are recycled. The same service is also provided at the end of your Sleepify mattress life cycles.

Positive Impact

In Europe, 18 million mattress go to landfill every year. With our recyclable mattresses, we aim to end mattress waste. As a Sleepify customer, you join us on our mission and impress your guests with your sustainable offering.

Join us on our mission to end mattress waste and make mattress management hassle-free

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Our vision is to wake up in a world where waste is no longer a problem.